Publication list of Prof. Yoshinori MARUNAKA
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Amitani H, Suzuki H, Kobayashi H, Murayama M, Sameshima-Uto N, Kuroda E, Kobayashi Y, Kawabe M, Amitani M, Inui A, MARUNAKA Y
Relationship between the severity of pre-frailty and the degree of adaptation of Ninjin’yoeito (NYT) on pre-frailty
Frontiers in Aging 5:1304217, 2024

The role of ion-transporting proteins in human disease
Int J Mol Sci 25:1726, 2024

Nakahari T, Suzuki C, Kawaguchi K, Hosogi H, Tanaka S, Asano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y
Ambroxol-enhanced Frequency and amplitude of beating cilia controlled by a voltage-gated Ca2+ channel, Cav1.2, via pHi increase and [Cl]i decrease in the lung airway epithelial cells of mice
Int J Mol Sci 24:16976, 2023

Physiological roles of chloride ions in bodily and cellular functions
J Physiol Sci 73:31, 2023

Minamibata A, Kono Y, Arimoto T, MARUNAKA Y, Takayama K.
Variability of serum CYFRA 21−1 and its susceptibility to clinical characteristics in individuals without cancer: a 4-year retrospective analysis
BMC Pulmonary Medicine 23:344, 2023

Therapeutic potential of multifunctional myricetin for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Frontiers in Nutrition 10:1175660, 2023

Molecular mechanisms of obesity-induced development of insulin resistance and promotion of amyloid-ß accumulation: dietary therapy using weak organic acids via improvement of lowered interstitial fluid pH
Biomolecules 13(5): 779, 2023

Kato M, Horiguchi G, Ueda T, Hongo F, Okihara K, MARUNAKA Y, Teramukai S, Ukimura O
A big data-based on prediction model for prostate cancer incidence in Japanese men
Scientific Reports 13(1): 6579, 2023

Saito D, Suzuki C, Tanaka S, Hosogi S, Kawaguchi K, Asano S, Okamoto S, Yasuda M, Hirano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
Ambroxol-enhanced ciliary beating via voltage-gated Ca2+ channels in mouse airway ciliary cells
Eur. J. Pharmacol. 941:175496, 2023

Yamanoi Y, Lei J, Takayama Y, Hosogi S, MARUNAKA Y, Tominaga, M
TRPV3-ANO1 interaction positively regulates wound healing in keratinocytes
Communications Biology 6(1):88, 2023

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Mumefural prevents insulin resistance and amyloid-beta accumulation in the brain by improving lowered interstitial fluid pH in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Biomedical Research 44(1):17-29, 2023

Hirao T, Kim BG, Habuchi H, Kawaguchi K, Nakahari T, MARUNAKA Y, Asano S
Transforming growth factor-β1 and bone morphogenetic protein-2 inhibit differentiation into mature ependymal multiciliated cells
Biol Pharm Bull 46(1):111-122, 2023

Amiloride-sensitive distal nephron controls extracellular fluid volume: ENaC and aldosterone
Kidney and Dialysis. 93(5):690-694, 2022

Takahashi K, Kuwahara Y, Kato I, Asano S, Kozakai T, MARUNAKA Y, Kuwahara A
Secondary bile acid lithocholic acid attenuates neurally evoked ion transport in the rat distal colon
Biomedical Research 43(6): 223-239, 2022

Shinomoto S, Tsubo Y, MARUNAKA Y
Detection and categorization of severe cardiac disorders based solely on heart period measurements
Scientific Reports 12(1):17019, 2022

Ishida M, Matsuzaki K, Suzuki H, Suzuki, Y, Kawamura T, MARUNAKA Y, Iwami T.
Association between 3-year repetitive isolated hematuria and eGFR deterioration in an apparently healthy population: A retrospective cohort study.
Int J Environ Res Public Health 19:11466, 2022

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Age and smoking status affect serum cytokeratin 19 fragment levels in individuals without cancer
In Vivo 36:2297-2302, 2022

Saitoh D, Kawaguchi K, Asano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T.
Enhancement of airway ciliary beating mediated via voltage-gated Ca2+ channels/α7-nicotinic receptors in mice.
Pflugers Arch 474(10):1091-1106, 2022

Kuriyama N, Koyama T, Ozaki E, Saito S, Ihara M, Matsui D, Watanabe I, Kondo M, MARUNAKA Y, Takada A, Akazawa K, Tomida S, Nagamitsu R, Miyatani F, Miyake M, Nakano E, Kobayashi D, Watanabe Y, Mizuno S, Maekawa M, Yoshida T, Nukaya Y, Mizuno T, Yamada K, Uehara R
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J Alzheimer’s Disease 88(2):731-741, 2022

Ikeuchi Y, Kawaguchi K, Kogiso H, Saito D, Ikeda R, Asano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
Hochu-ekki-to enhanced airway ciliary beating by an [Ca2+]i increase via TRPV4 in mice
Phytomedicine Plus 2:100243, 2022

Kawaguchi K, Nakayama S, Saito D, Kogiso H, Yasuoka K, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T, Asano S
Ezrin knockdown reduces procaterol-stimulated ciliary beating without morphological changes in mouse airway cilia
J Cell Science 135 (6): jcs259201, 2022

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Peptides 147:17068, 2022

Zheng K, Zhang W, Ding F, Zhou C, Shi J, MARUNAKA Y, Zou X
Using Ensemble Refinement (ER) Method to Optimize Transfer Set of Near Infrared Spectra
Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis 42(4): 1323-1328, 2022

MARUNAKA Y, Yagi K, Imagawa N, Kobayashi H, Murayama M, Minamibata A, Takanashi Y, Nakahari T
Possibility of venous serum Cl concentration ([Cl]s) as a marker for human metabolic status: Correlation of [Cl]s to age, fasting blood sugar (FBS) and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
Int J Mol Sci 22:11111, 2021

Tanaka S, Ito S, Shimamoto C, Matsumura H, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
NO synthesis stimulated by arachidonic acid accumulation via PPARα in acetylcholine-stimulated gastric mucous cells
Experimental Physiology 106(9):1939-1949, 2021

Aoi W, Iwasa M, MARUNAKA Y
Metabolic functions of flavonoids: from human epidemiology to molecular mechanism
Neuropeptides 88:102163, 2021

Essential requirement of complex number for oscillatory phenomenon in intracellular trafficking process
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 19:2990-3005, 2021

Roles of interstitial fluid pH and weak organic acids in development and amelioration of insulin resistance
Biochemical Society Transactions 49(2):715-726, 2021

Shiozaki A., MARUNAKA Y, Otsuji E.
Roles of ion and water channels in the cell death and survival of upper gastrointestinal tract cancers
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 9:616933, 2021

Hosogi S, MARUNAKA Y, Ashihara E, Yamada T, Sumino A, Tanaka H, Puppulin L
Plasma membrane anchored nanosensor for quantifying endogenous production of H2O2 in living cells
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 179:113077, 2021

Zheng K, Feng T, Zhang W, Huang X, Li Z, Zhang D, Shi J, MARUNAKA Y, Zou X
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The effect of Xenin25 on spontaneous circular muscle contractions of rat distal colon in vitro
Physiological Reports 9(4):14752, 2021

The acidic microenvironment: Is it a phenotype of all cancers? A focus on multiple myeloma and some analogies with diabetes mellitus
Cancers 12:3226, 2020

Kuwahara A, Matsuda K, Kuwahara Y, Asano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y.
Microbiota-gut-brain axis: enteroendocrine cells and the enteric nervous system form an interface between the microbiota and the central nervous system.
Biomed Res 41(5):199-216, 2020

Cytosolic Cl-regulated cell function and diseases
Kidney and Dialysis. 88(3):419-422, 2020

Yasuda M, Inui TA, Hirano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
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Int. J. Mol. Sci 21(11):E4052, 2020

Marunaka R, MARUNAKA Y
Interactive actions of aldosterone and insulin on epithelial Na+ channel trafficking
Int J Mol Sci 21(10):E3407, 2020

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Food Frontiers: An academically sponsored new journal
Food Frontiers 1(1):3-5, 2020

Kogiso H, Raveau M, Yamakawa K, Saito D, Ikeuchi Y, Okazaki T, Asano S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
Airway ciliary beating affected by the Pcp4 dose-dependent [Ca2+]i in Down syndrome mice, Ts1Rhr
Int J Mol Sci 21:1947, 2020

Zhao C, Lin G, Wu D, Liu D, You L, Högger P, Simal-Gandara J, Wang M, Galberto J, da Costa M, MARUNAKA Y, Daglia M, Khan H, Filosa R, Wang S, Xiao J
The algal polysaccharide ulvan suppresses growth of hepatoma cells
Food Frontiers 1(1):83-101, 2020

MARUNAKA Y, Niisato N, Zou X, Xiao J, Nakahari T
Food intake targeting and improving acidity in diabetes and cancer
Food Frontiers 1(1):9-12, 2020

Aoi W, Zou X, Xiao J, MARUNAKA Y
Body Fluid pH Balance in Metabolic Health and Possible Benefits of Dietary Alkaline Foods
eFood 1(1):12-23, 2020

Zheng K, Feng T, Zhang W, Huang X, Li Z, Zhang D, Shi J, MARUNAKA Y, Zou X
Refining transfer set in calibration transfer of near infrared spectra by backward refinement of samples
Analytical Methods 12(11):1495-1503, 2020

Katsurahara K, Shiozaki A, Kosuga T, Kudou M, Shoda K, Arita T, Konishi H, Komatsu S, Kubota T, Fujiwara H, Okamoto K, Kishimoto M, Konishi E, MARUNAKA Y, Otsuji E
ANO9 regulated cell cycle in Human Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Annals of Surgical Oncology 27(9):3218-3230, 2020

Fukuda T, Tanaka M, Yamazaki M, MARUNAKA Y, Fukui M
Standard medical nutrition therapy of 25kcal/kg ideal bodyweight/day often does not reach even resting energy expenditure for patients with type 2 diabetes
Journal of Diabetes Investigation 11(3):626-632, 2020

Inui TA, Yasuda M, Hirano S, Ikeuchi Y, Kogiso H, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
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Laryngoscope 130(5):E289-E297, 2020

Kudou M, Shiozaki A, Yamazato Y, Katsurahara K, Kosuga T, Shoda K, Arita T, Konishi H, Komatsu S, Kubota T, Fujiwara H, Okamoto K, Kishimoto M, Konishi E, MARUNAKA Y, Otsuji E.
The expression and role of TRPV2 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Scientific Reports 9 (1):16055, 2019

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pH balance and lactic acid increase in the vitreous body of diabetes mellitus patients
Experimental Eye Research 188:107789, 2019

Konishi T, Shiozaki A, Kosuga T, Kudou M, Shoda K, Arita T, Konishi H, Komatsu S, Kubota T, Fujiwara H, Okamoto K, Kishimoto M, Konishi E, MARUNAKA Y, Otsuji E
LRRC8A expression influences growth of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Am J Pathol 189(10):1973-1985, 2019

Shiozaki A, Yamazato Y, Kosuga T, Kudou M, Shoda K, Arita T, Konishi H, Komatsu S, Kubota T, Fujiwara H, Okamoto K, MARUNAKA Y, Otsuji E
Effect of low temperature on the regulation of cell volume after hypotonic shock in gastric cancer cells
Int J Oncol 55(4):905-914, 2019

Inui TA, Murakami K, Yasuda M, Hirano S, Ikeuchi Y, Kogiso H, Hosogi S, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
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Pflügers Archiv – European Journal of Physiology 471(8):1127-1142, 2019

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Xenin-25 induces anion secretion by activating non-cholinergic secretomotor neurons in the rat ileum
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 316(6):G785-G796, 2019

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Cancer Metastasis Reviews 38(1-2):205-222, 2019

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Targeting acidity in cancer and diabetes
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Pharmacological Reviews 71(1):49-88, 2019

Ikeuchi Y, Kogiso H, Hosogi S, Tanaka S, Shimamoto C, Matsumura H, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T
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Pflügers Archiv – European Journal of Physiology 471:365-380, 2019

Shiozaki A, Ariyoshi Y, Iitaka D, Kosuga T, Shimizu H, Kudou M, Konishi T, Shoda K, Arita T, Konishi H, Komatsu S, Kubota T, Fujiwara H, Okamoto K, Kishimoto M, Konishi E, MARUNAKA Y, Ichikawa D, Otsuji E.
Functional analysis and clinical significance of sodium iodide symporter expression in gastric cancer.
Gastric Cancer 22(3):473-485, 2019

Inui T, Yasuda M, Hirano S, Ikeuchi Y, Kogiso H, Inui T, MARUNAKA Y, Nakahari T. Daidzein-stimulated increase in the ciliary beating amplitude via an [Cl]i decrease in ciliated human nasal epithelial cells
Int J Mol Sci 19:3754, 2018

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Bioconjugation strategy for cell surface labelling with gold nanostructures designed for highly localized pH measurement
Nature Communications 9(1) 5278, 2018

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Frontiers in Nutrition 5:112, 2018

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Int J Mol Sci 19(10):3244, 2018

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Action of protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors on the hypotonicity-stimulated trafficking kinetics of epithelial Na+ channels (ENaC) in renal epithelial cells: Analysis using a mathematical model.
Cell Physiol Biochm 50:363-377, 2018

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Oncotarget 9(52):29957-29974, 2018

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Oncotarget 9(40):25993-26006, 2018

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CALHM3 is essential for rapid ion channel-mediated purinergic neurotransmission of GPCR-mediated tastes.
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Regulation of ion transport in the intestine by free fatty acid receptor 2 and 3: possible involvement of the diffuse chemosensory system.
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Int J Mol Sci. 19:658, 2018

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J Physiol Sci. 68(2):191-199, 2018

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Esophageal cancer stem cells are suppressed by tranilast, a TRPV2 channel inhibitor.
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Blockade of potassium ion transports enhances hypotonicity-induced cytocidal effects in gastric cancer
Oncotarget 8(60):101394-101405, 2017

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